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Airlines Selling Tickets for Ghost Flights?

Sachin Shetty, a Mumbai resident, recently bought 3 tickets from Mumbai to Mangalore non-stop flight for 5th July. Four days prior to the flight, the airline told him that the flight on which he was traveling is canceled and the refund has been generated to his credit shell.   

He later got to know that Mangalore is not even connected to Mumbai via direct flights. So why did that airline sold him tickets for direct traveling?  

A similar case happened with a businessman named Brijesh Sutaria. Brijesh booked a ticket for Mumbai to Delhi flight on 30th May for 7th June. Later again, the airline told him that his flight is canceled and he was refunded of Rs. 4200. 

In the case of Sutaria, the day after he booked the ticket, he got a message from the airline that his flight has got canceled due to operational reasons. The airlines are offering tickets for non-existing flights and collect public money and put them in a credit shell for 730 days without giving any interest.  

Sutaria believes that he was sold a ticket for Delhi-Mumbai flight which was non-scheduled. Mr. Shetty was also sold a ticket for a non-existing flight. The airline also didn’t mention a clear reason behind the cancellation of flights. “They gave an option to reschedule but I couldn’t find any other flights for the day and my whole money went to credit shell”, said another passenger.