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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aviation Indeed feels its social responsibility towards the underprivileged people in the country unaware of various job opportunities available in the organized economy in India. To raise awareness among people our company organizes various seminars and roadshows free of cost in multiple government schools and small towns. Aviation Indeed puts in every effort to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility by educating and counseling students about various job prospects available in the market.

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Email ID – info@aviationindeed.com

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Main Features

  • Free Seminars and Webinars: Aviation Indeed organizes multiple seminars and webinars free of cost for candidates from all over the country. These seminars are intended to help people come face-to-face with a wide range of job opportunities available within the aviation industry.
  • Recruitment Drives: Apart from conducting seminars and webinars, Aviation Indeed also organizes multiple recruitment drives throughout the year to raise awareness among people regarding the availability of a plethora of jobs in the aviation market. We also pick the best candidates from these recruitment drives and help them get jobs in the aviation industry.
  • Our success story: Many areas in Punjab have always struggled with internet speed which has worked as a roadblock in the growth of many industries. Internet is a necessity for almost everyone these days. Hence, Aviation Indeed in association with telecommunications company BSNL took this initiative to provide high-speed internet to different parts of Punjab. Our endeavour not only helped business professionals but also local people who were facing challenges with low-speed internet.