Top 5 Airlines In The World

An airline is a company that provides services like air traveling from one destination to another to passengers. Some airlines provide air freight services too. An airline has to look after many things like from purchasing different aircraft to recruiting ground staff , pilots, cabin crew, engineers etc.  

In the past decade, the airline industry has seen a major boom in terms of finance and popularity. With such tremendous growth, many airlines have managed to make it to the top with hard work and determination. So, if you are looking to get the best in-flight experience, here are some airlines to look for: 

  1. Qatar airways   

With over 172 destinations worldwide and a fleet of 237 aircraft, Qatar Airways is the world’s no. 1 airline. Its headquarter are located in Doha, Qatar. Qatar Airways has over 43,000 employees working for them. It offers world-class services to its passengers. Qatar Airways serves a variety of world cuisines in their flights. The company has a net income of over US $252 million. 

  1. Singapore airline  

It is one of the best travel brands in the world. The company serves over 132 global destinations and a fleet of 120 aircraft. It is a flag carrier airline of Singapore. It has a partnership with over 32  other airlines all over the world. It has over 2,00,00 employees working day&night. The company is known for its top-notch services. The company has a net income of over US $500 million. 

  1. Ana All Nippon airways  

It  is the largest airline in Japan. It has over 80 international and 110 domestic destinations worldwide. It is the biggest operator of  B787 aircraft. It has a fleet size of 241 aircraft. Over 20,000 employees are working for the company. The company has over ¥98.8 billion. 

  1. Cathay Pacific Airways  

It is the flag carrier of Hong Kong. It has a fleet size of 155 aircraft operating over  80 destinations. Cathay Pacific is the world’s largest international cargo airline. Their main hub Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s busiest airport measured by cargo traffic. It has more than 3,200 working employees. The company has a profit income of over HK $3.595 billion. 

  1. Emirates   

It is the national carrier of Dubai. It is known as a world-class airline. It has a fleet of 259 aircraft and it connects 157 destinations worldwide. It is the largest airline in the Middle-East. There are over 55,000 employees working for the airline. The airline offers one of the best in-flight experience to its passengers. The airline has an income of over US $288 million.