How Do Passengers Behave and How To Manage Them In-Flight?

Imagine this scenario. You are a flight attendant on-board a flight. Everything is going perfectly well but suddenly a passenger at the back asks for more wine. Now, you are perfectly aware that this man has already consumed somewhat more than what is prescribed during air travel. So, you politely ask him to stop drinking and gently refuse to refill his glass. The man, in his unconsciousness, starts yelling at you demanding more alcohol. His behavior causes panic and chaos in the plane so you ask him to keep it low. However, in his half senses, he keeps shouting at you asking for more alcohol. But you can’t provide him more wine because there is a threshold amount above which, the consumption becomes harmful. Now, you are in a dilemma. Which option would you choose? How would you calm down the angry passenger? Let’s find out.