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This information defines the terms and conditions (or terms of use) about your access and use of the Aviation Indeed website (the "Site") and Supporting Services given below. If you do not accept or comply with the provisions mentioned in terms of use, you may not use our site or services.


When you use our site, you form a binding agreement with Aviation Indeed to accept our terms of use. You are, in effect, agreeing to use our site and services at your own risk. You may not use our site or services if you do not comply with or accept these terms and conditions.

Permitted Users

The Aviation Indeed site and services have been designed to be used by individuals who are legally allowed to work in their existing location and others should they find employment through us.

You must meet the minimum age requirements at your country/state/city of residence. If you believe that anybody associated with our firm does not meet the requirements stated here, please let us know immediately via the contact details provided below.

Privacy Policy

Aviation Indeed considers your information to be of utmost importance. Using our website and services involves the collection and usage of your data. This privacy policy explains in detail what information we collect and what we do with that information. This page may change at our discretion, so please check it regularly for updates.

The information collected is used to improve our site content. Your details are not shared with or sold to any outside organization for commercial purposes, apart from providing you with better functionality and access that you may have requested.

Rules of Conduct

Using our site or services requires you to adhere to the following rules of conduct:

1. You should provide accurate and updated information to us regularly

2. You must not create a fake profile or a profile on someone else's behalf

3. You must correctly represent work history and qualifications

4. You must use our site and services professionally

5. You must not spam other users or employees using our services

6. You should not share any confidential information belonging to a previous employer

7. You should introduce no malicious software code into the system

8. You must not override any security features of our site

Collected Information

You can visit the site regularly without revealing any personal information. Data collected online can generally be categorized as personally identifiable (name, address, phone number, email id) or anonymous (a record of a number of page visits, time spent on site, etc.).

While some individuals may give us their personal information, others might not want to, and this information collected is known as anonymous or metadata.


Our website uses cookies – small files that give you a unique identification – to enable your system to communicate with our site for a more customized and user-friendly experience. Your browser settings can be set to notify you of or prevent cookies from being sent. This, however, limits the functionality when you visit our site as it may be necessary to operate our site pages correctly.

Any third party or affiliates linked to our site may use cookies and collect other data when you visit their website. We cannot control such collection as it is outside the purview of Aviation Indeed. Should you have any questions regarding the information they collect about you, please get in touch with them directly.

How We Use Collected Data

Personally identifiable data is collected to provide you with site usage and the access requested, for statistical purposes, market research, improving the content, optimizing user experience, and keeping you updated about any changes to our site. Submitting information means you agree to let us access, store and use the information collected for the above purposes.

We will not disclose any information apart from what is stated above, nor will we sell/give any personal data to third parties unless stated by the law in order to investigate and act against illegal activities. This data might need to be provided to government authorities as well.

We will only provide such information after receiving authentic documentation. Law enforcement agencies might be provided with this information for the safety and welfare of our personnel or to enforce these terms and conditions.


We may provide you with offers or information about the updating of our site and services. This can be delivered via email, telephone, or SMS. Please keep your contact details updated with us so we can do so regularly.

Opt-Out Policy

Please tell us in case you are no longer interested in receiving offers, newsletters, or any other form of email communication from Aviation Indeed, apart from service messages. An email with the subject line "No Emails Henceforth" addressed to will remove you from our mailing list within 48 hours.

Intellectual Property Concerns

Aviation Indeed is a brand that takes intellectual property rights seriously. . All users and third parties must respect and maintain the required privacy levels and not violate others' rights by disclosing their information.

If you have noticed an unauthorized posting on our site or services, please notify us by email with your contact details. Mention a description of the violation and an acknowledgment that you are the owner or writing on behalf of the copyright owner.

Termination of Access

The sole discretion of terminating your access to our sites and services lies with Aviation Indeed. If you do not follow the rules mentioned above, authorized personnel will exercise their power.


Our website is SSL certified and protected with industry-standard security features, including firewalls and password protection systems. Our security and privacy policies are reviewed regularly and upgraded whenever necessary for your best interest.

While authorized individuals are the only ones given access to your personal information, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized and inadvertent disclosure will never happen.

Transfer of Customer Information

All personally collected data and site content are assets belonging to Aviation Indeed. In the event of a merger or acquisition, all information we have received from you would be a part of the standard assets transferred.

Liability and Warranty Disclaimers

You agree not to hold Aviation Indeed responsible for any damage or losses arising from the use of our site or services. These include, but are not limited to:

9. Your ability to use or not use our site or services

10. Delays or disruptions from our site or services

11. Damage to your system hardware from the use of our site or services

12. Accuracy of content posted by members, employees, or visitors on our site

13. Direct or indirect costs you are bearing after forming relations using our site or services

You agree that, to the maximum legal extent, we will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages related to our site or services. In addition, loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits, or revenue related to our site or services will not be our liability. This is the agreement between you and Aviation Indeed and will apply to all claims of liability.

Contact Us

Should you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions, please write to us at
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