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Airport jobs are some of the most coveted in the world, especially for those who enjoy travelling and meeting new people. However, not everyone working there is directly employed by the Airport or Airport Authority of India. 85%+ people are employed by private companies that have been given the contract for opportunities like security, housekeeping, ticketing, and flight crew jobs. Airport ground crew jobs and airport ground staff jobs comprise the balance 15% odd. But how is it like working at an airport, and what are the pros and cons? We’ll take you through that below.

Pros and Cons of working at an Airport

There are two sides to every coin and working at the airport is no different. It is a time intensive and time sensitive job that demands customer service at all times, and can be extremely satisfying for those that truly enjoy what they do. Given below are the pros and cons of working at an airport.


  1. Cohesiveness
    There are various stakeholders that must work in cohesion to ensure the smooth functioning of an airport. This means one must be efficient, empathetic, and collaborative – basic attributes of a team player. Unforeseen circumstances can be a regular occurrence, and teamwork will help streamline things in no time.

  2. Interact with International Passengers
    Domestic and International Airports are flooded with foreign travelers and delegates, and working here gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with them. Learning is immense, especially if you are looking for airhostess jobs for fresher, as this is a completely new environment for you.

  3. Transfer to other airports, globally
    Working at an airport is a predominantly client facing role; however, you also learn the nitty-gritties of its functioning. This enables you to get job opportunities at other airports across the world as each of these skills is transferable. This applies to most airport jobs including ticketing, security, housekeeping, ground staff, and more.

  4. Perks
    Airport workers – predominantly hired by airlines – can benefit from a variety of lifestyle and company benefits. These include free or discounted air tickets for families, airport parking passes, an above average salary, and discounts on partner hotels. You may also be entitled to discounted healthcare facilities and child care.

Now that you know the pros, let’s move onto the cons.

  1. Work Schedules
    Airports work 24/7, 365 days a year, which means employees have to work round the clock. This means you might have to work day and night, during holidays and weekends – perfect for those who thoroughly enjoy their job.

  2. Work in any weather conditions
    Airport employees that work on the air strip or outdoors need to work irrespective of the weather conditions – whether it is in the scorching heat, frigid winters, or drenching monsoons. This includes high intensity tasks like loading or unloading baggage, operating machinery, or even refueling aircrafts.

  3. Meeting Customers’ wants
    Customers can be demanding at times and as an airport employee, you will have to deal with difficult people – despite it being no fault of yours. Things like flight delays, loss of luggage, and cancellations tend to make customers difficult and you must address their wants to satisfy them – a rather challenging task.

These aren’t really cons as we’re sure everyone looking for airport jobs knows what they are signing up for and are trained accordingly. In addition, this will help shape your career in the right direction and mold you for all challenges in the future. So, who can you contact to get your dream job in Aviation and Aerospace?

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