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Aviation and Hospitality

Build a glowing career in the aviation and hospitality sector

Why do this course? 

This course is specially designed for those candidates who want to kick-start their career in the aviation industry either as a cabin crew or ground staff. The course focuses rigorously on aspects like communication skills, personality, mannerisms, etiquettes, styling, grooming, and fine dining. The course parallelly educates students with the concept of great customer service, customer experience, general knowledge, geography, airport operations, aircraft types, inflight service, basics of safety, and first aid procedures. If you want to become a cabin crew or want to work in India’s biggest airports as a ground staff, then this course is the right choice for you.


Why Choose Us? 

Aviation Indeed is one of the best aviation training institutes in India. Our students get the best jobs and opportunities to work with India’s best airlines and airports. We are associate partners of leading airlines, airports, aviation companies, and MROs. We provide full job assistance to our students. No other company can pride you with so many benefits at such an affordable price. 

Learn to fly high and spread your wings! 

This course is only meant for those students who are hard-working and are always ready to learn new things. Hence, we arrange a screening round and interview candidates to see if they are right for this course. After the screening, only a few selected students are enrolled based on their basic communication skills, height, weight, skin, and aptitude.

The most important question that may arise in your mind is what is so unique about this course. Well, this course is a magic potion for aspiring aviators. For no other course providing such a bumper package in which not only will you get exclusive training from industry experts but will also get to polish your communication skills, grooming skills, and improve your body language. This course is a mixture of all our other courses. And the best part is that you will learn all these things in just 6 months.

This course will prepare you not only for aviation but also for the hospitality industry. This course will open so many doors for you that you will have to choose from various career options. Our main target is to make students a better fit as a cabin crew or a ground staff. However, as we said that this course is like a magic potion, which means that the benefits of this course are not only limited to those two domains. Hence, our students in this course will have great career potential and will get immense job opportunities. 

Duration: 6 Months 

Fee: 95,000/- 

Additional Services: With this course, not only will you get exclusive training from industry experts but we will also arrange a minimum of four job interviews for you. Hence, you’ll also get full job assistance apart from the certifications.

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