Aviation Indeed is one of the more prominent aviation service providers in India – both to businesses and individuals. Headquartered in New Delhi, we started operations on 14th February 2017, and have placed more than 13,000 students within a span of 4 years. Major players in the industry including airlines and airports recognize us as a trusted service provider, which is why we have quite a few accolades to our name – but that’s come with a price. One that includes innumerable sleepless nights, countless meetings, and persistence. Want to know more? Here’s our story. 

Our Story 

Aviation is a field close to many people’s hearts, much like the founder of Aviation Indeed – Mr. Neil Salaria.  

Here’s how Neil Salaria started his career: 

  1. Neil’s true passion was to become the best all-rounder in aviation, which is what led him to take an Aircraft Maintenance Course
  1. He did so well that he bagged an internship at Asia’s largest helicopter company, Pawan Hans; one of only three from his batch to do so.  
  1. After gaining all technical exposure, he realized that this wasn’t enough, and in order to get a more well-rounded growth, he applied for a job at Jet Airways.  

This is what groomed him to be the person he is today.  

Here’s how he launched Aviation Indeed: 

  1. However, life happened. He faced rejections multiple times and moved to Canada for family reasons.  
  1. While there, he made money, but wasn’t happy since he didn’t do what he was passionate about. 
  1. He wanted to work in the aviation industry, make it accessible, reduce corruption, and ensure that another Neil’s dreams weren’t put on hold.  
  1. That never-say-die attitude is what made him get back to India, where he started Aviation Indeed with just Rs.40,000.  
  1. Fast forward 5 years and it’s a successful company that’s placed more than 13,000 aspirants! Not just that – 100+ aviation awareness seminars and webinars have been conducted across the country. 

Mission of Aviation Indeed: 

  1. He applied his extensive knowledge in the aviation industry to make this company a one-stop-shop for all functions aviation, making it India’s first company to do so.  
  1. From training, brand building, and being one of the better staffing agencies for companies to various courses for students who want to make it big, there’s nothing that’s been left out. 

Neil’s journey with Aviation Indeed is a testament to the quote “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. The company is now well-known across the industry. 

You now know our story. Let’s take you through who we do what we do for. 

Who can benefit from our Services? 

Aviation Indeed is a customer centric 360-degree aviation service provider. By customers, we mean both individuals and aviation businesses. Given below is a break-up of who we can help, segment wise: 

Career Launch 

  1. Counselling
    A student who has completed 10th/12th standard and don’t know what they should choose, we’re here to help. Our experienced career counsellors will not only help one decide the immediate way forward but also give a roadmap of the near future. 
  1. Resume Building: 
    We know exactly what an aviation industry recruiter is looking within the resume of a candidate and can help students or working professionals identify those points and highlight it to make sure your resume standout. 
  1. Job seekers: 
    Students, graduates or working professionals looking for a job in aviation or other industries can be guided by our company. We have a vast network that can help you get an opportunity at doing your dream job. 
  1. Professionals in Aviation 
    Those aviation professionals that look at growing their profile or looking for a switch within the Aviation Industry can certainly benefit from our services. We can tell them industry standards and educate them about shortcomings, if any, thereby shaping them for a successful career. 
  1. Passionate Aviators: 
    If aviation is your passion, Aviation Indeed is your Mecca. We have a plethora of services that will get you all the information or training you’d like to fuel the fire to your passion in aviation.  

  1. Outsourcing:  
    If you’re a start-ups, mid-sized firm, or leading enterprise that doesn’t have the bandwidth to perform a particular service in-house or are looking for experts to provide quality output, we’re exactly what you’re looking for. We provide everything from payroll management to recruitment process outsourcing, to ground and technical services
  1. Quality clothing:  
    Branded uniforms and accessories at value-added costs is something we specialize in. Whether you’re an institute, airport, or airline, we can fulfill your every apparel and accessory need. 

Career Launch 

Many students dream of getting into aviation the first time they see an airplane flying through the clouds as kids. Whether they want to become a pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, cabin crew member, or ground staff, no dream should remain a dream – that’s why Aviation Indeed has courses for whatever vertical students are interested in. The only prerequisite to enroll for any course is that you must be a 12th standard pass out. Here’s how to get started: 

Career Counselling: 
How does one know what job best suits them? It’s a tough question, right?  

  1. We help students understand their aptitude and guide them in the right direction. 
  1. We help you save time and money due to our experience and expertise. 
  1. Avoid scams and fraud. 
  1. Avoid interview rejections. 
  1. We give you the roadmap to your job placement. 

How to find a relevant course for your career: 

If you’re looking at studying aviation full-time, we’ve got a list of long-term courses that you can choose:  

Long-term courses: 

  1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:  
  1. This course encompasses everything to do with how to maintain an aircraft, from inside to out.  
  1. Doing this course gives students the opportunity to work with airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aircraft part manufacturing companies. 
  1. Basically, you’re spoilt for choice! You get an AME license which is a gateway to working across the globe. 
  1. Pilot:  
  1. Whether you want to fly a commercial jet, air taxi, air ambulance, or business jet, this is one course that puts you directly on the runway.  
  1. An added benefit is that you can graduate to Captain due to our extensive training. 
  1. Needless to say, that local and international airlines are on the lookout for candidates that graduate from Aviation Indeed
  1. Pilot training in India is possible at various institutions; however, our years of experience and superior faculty will make your decision a no-brainer. 
  1.  Bachelors in Aviation Administration/Masters in Aviation Administration:  
  1. If you want to be a well-rounded professional in the aviation industry, this course is for you.  
  1. Develop managerial skills and confidence building which will result in a spike in aviation job opportunities. 
  1. Get to network with the best industry professionals to-be.  
  1. You learn airport operations and since the degree is valid globally, getting a job at an airport of your choice should be easy! This is indeed one of the more coveted Bachelors Degrees in Aviation, 2021. 
  1. Skill Development Program:  
  1. The first step to getting a job is being able to successfully crack an interview – that’s the goal behind designing the Skill Development Program for students.  
  1. In addition, better your professional communication skills and learn how to be presentable in the corporate world.  
  1. You will learn all that’s important for you to land that dream job. 
  1. Aviation and Hospitality Course:  
  1. If you want to establish yourself as a successful cabin crew member, this is the course for you.  
  1. Learn the nuances about safety while in the air and etiquettes of fine dining so you can take care of passengers in the best possible way. 
  1. This course will open job prospects in hospitality, whether it’s on land, water, or in the air.  
  1. Aviation Indeed is one of the best Cabin Crew Training Institutes in India. 
  1. Partner Courses:  
  1. Learn tricks of the trade with our certified partner courses.  
  1. Work with airlines, ticketing travel agencies, cruise lines, tour operators, car rentals, hotels, and more after getting these certificates.  
  1. Courses given below: 
  1. International Air Transport Association 
  1. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport 
  1. Airline Pilots Standard 
  1. Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality 

If you’re currently studying in a college or doing a job somewhere and wish to pursue the course in a part-time manner, here are some short-term courses we have to offer: 

Short-term courses: 

  1. Personality and Communication:  
  1. Proper communication is the solution to all problems.  
  1. This course will teach you how to conduct yourself in an interview, how to convince the customer, and body language best practices to get out the best version of you! 
  1. These, though thought of as small things has a very large impact in life. 
  1. Language Learning (English/French):  
  1. Learn how to speak English and French with a one-month course that teaches you everything!  
  1. This will help you communicate better with people across the globe, open job opportunities beyond borders, and enable you to travel the world minus any language barrier. 
  1. Skill Development Program:  
  1. This course gives you the benefit of choosing the skill you’d like to learn about, vis-a-vis having to do everything in the curriculum. Learn soft skills that will help you in job growth, and get internship opportunities at IGI Airport, New Delhi, while you’re at it! 

If you’re looking at hard-core internship opportunities after doing online courses, here’s how we can help: 

                                                         Train and Hire 
Candidates pursuing their Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course or those that have just completed the same have the privilege of getting training and placement opportunities for this. This training is essential for getting a job and lasts for 3 to 6 months.  

Career Launch 

Any candidate that has completed a course in aviation is eligible for an internship in their specific field. Internship opportunities are available for: 
1. Pilot 
2. AME 
3. Ground Staff 
4. Ticketing & Reservations 
5. Cabin Crew 
6. AME Diploma 
7. Aeronautical Diploma 

When you’re done studying for your course, here’s the last thing that will ensure you get your dream job: 

Job Assistance:  

Resume Building:  

  1. Writing a resume is the first step to getting a job. Most people follow a standard format and think that it will work. However, this isn’t the case.  
  1. We design, write, and format a resume for best performance along with API integration. You can also download a do-it-yourself template to get started. We’re one of the most premium companies to provide resume writing services in India. 

The above points have told you how we can help you if you’re a student and want to reach the sky! But what if you’re a business in aviation, and need some expert help? We’ve got you covered! 

Aviation Indeed for Business 

Doing business is an exhilarating feeling. It has its highs and lows. Life’s good during the highs, but what do you do when the going’s not that good? Aviation Indeed is fully equipped to help you handle all your aviation business needs! Here’s how we can help you: 

  1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing:  
  1. If you need candidates for a particular role, look no further. We have an established database of high-quality candidates that will fit perfectly with your job description. 
  1. In addition, our market knowledge helps in quicker turnaround times, thereby saving you time and money
  1. If you’re looking for freshers, we specialize in campus hiring as well. We’re one of the better aviation recruiting firms in the country. 
  1. Uniforms and Accessories:  
  1. Airlines and aviation companies require their employees to be dressed in uniforms; couple this with accessories and you look like a thorough professional!  
  1. Aviation Indeed deals in multiple brands of corporate uniforms and know what pilot accessories or flight crew accessories go best with your attire.  
  1. With our in-depth knowledge and quick deliveries, we’re the preferred apparel partner for many airlines and airports across the country.  
  1. We also cater to premium flight school uniforms. 
  1. Technical Services:  
  1. Technical consultation services regarding documentation, aircraft modification, 3D drawing, and maintenance manuals are rendered to clients that require the same. 
  1. Our years of experience and expertise on board makes us a major partner to many companies in the aviation industry. 
  1. Ground Services: 
  1. This is one area where companies face a fair amount of difficulty.  
  1. Services like payroll management are a tedious task because of the multiple things that go together, but our specialization helps sort this issue in no time! 
  1. Comprehensive, airport, and airline services are also offered. 
  1. Brand Building:  
  1. Every company starts small but aspires to grow exponentially.  
  1. When a company becomes well recognized, it’s considered a brand.  
  1. We understand this process (since we’ve been through the exact same thing) and know how to build a brand! Whether it’s online or offline, we will tell you the best way to reach your goal by executing marketing strategies via best touchpoints. 

Whatever vertical of aviation you’re in, our company has the expertise to help you glide through whatever problem you’re facing. We’ve got years of experience to guide you in the right direction, and trusted partners to back what we’re saying. 

Future of Aviation Indeed 

It’s an exciting time for us at Aviation Indeed. We have ambitious plans of becoming the go-to for everything aviation all over the country. International expansion is on the cards – a new franchise model will assist with the same. In addition, ground support services will be provided to airports and airlines, pan India. Aviation Indeed will also be able to assist you to book charter aircrafts in the near future, while training students to fly, service, and cater to passengers on-board. 

Key Takeaway 

Whether you’re a student looking at flying high or a business owner aiming for the sky, Aviation Indeed has got the experience and expertise to help you reach your destination. With a plethora of courses tailored for each vertical in the industry and 360-degree business services, we’re your one-stop shop for all things aviation! For more information, visit www.aviationindeed.com or reach out to us on neil@aviationindeed.com. Alternatively, you can call us on +91- 9599910263 for more details. 

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