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Aviation Indeed is one of the more prominent aviation placement consultants in India – both to businesses and individuals. Headquartered in New Delhi, we started operations over a decade ago and have placed more than 13,000 students within a span of 4 years. Major players in the industry looking for technical consultants, technical architects, and airport jobs recognize us as a trusted service provider, which is why we have quite a few accolades to our name – but that’s come with a price. One that includes innumerable sleepless nights, countless meetings, and persistence. Want to know more? Here’s our story.

Our Story[Rt1] 

Neil Salaria founded Aviation Indeed in 2010. An aviation enthusiast, his dream was to take to the skies as a cabin crew member, and started his career with Jet Airways. Things, however, didn’t seem to be going his way, as there was inadequate guidance and opportunities with excess corruption.

He struggled his way to the top, and knew this is something that nobody in aviation should face. That’s when he decided to take control into his own hands and build a brand that helps companies and fellow aviation professionals. Thus, Aviation Indeed was born.

We’re now committed to bridge each gap between employer and employee, thereby making aviation accessible to every passionate dreamer. Our process is completely transparent, primarily to eliminate corruption and empower India as an aviation superpower.

People are the lifeline of our company and their success is our success. As thought leaders in the industry, we strive for excellence and want everyone in aviation to get the opportunity to do so, too. In addition, we want to provide opportunities to those that actually want one in the field.

We’re looking at partnering with companies whose goal is to grow and need leaders to guide them through this. Not only does this help companies achieve their goals but also provide employment opportunities to thousands of people. And this is just the beginning…

Mission of Aviation Indeed:

Help organizations become world-class and people become extraordinary by building a trusted and customer-centric ecosystem.

Vision of Aviation Indeed:

Help businesses and individuals save time, money, and reduce stress by eradicating corruption and providing equal opportunities.

Let’s move on to our services.

Our Services

Doing business is an exhilarating feeling. It has its highs and lows. Life’s good during the highs, but what do you do when the going’s not that good? Aviation Indeed is fully equipped to help you handle all your aviation business needs by providing you with the right talent at the right time! Here’s how we can help you:

  1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing:
    1. If you need candidates for a particular role, look no further. We have a deep and wide database of high-quality candidates that will fit perfectly with your job description.
    1. In addition, our market knowledge helps in quicker turnaround times, thereby saving you time and money.
    1. We are curious listeners, quick learners, and fast movers with a diverse blend of experience and expertise.
    1. We are experts in hiring front end developers, airport ground staff jobs, or airhostess jobs for freshers. However, this is just a fraction. Click here to see all categories. 
  2. HR Outsourcing
  3. If you need to focus on growing your startup while professionals handle everything to do with HR, you’ve got a perfect match and matchmaker!
  4. Not only can we take care of talent acquisition and performance but also payroll management services!
  5. We enable you to get maximum ROI with high-quality talent – after all, we’re effective, efficient, and empathetic to your every need.
  6. We provide each client with holistic solutions after thoroughly understanding the problem.
  7. Payroll Management Services
  8. If you need someone to handle statutory compliance and timely disbursement of salaries, our experts will help you do so seamlessly.
  9. Motivate employees with a great work culture and on-time salary payments, every time!
  10. Our state-of-the-art online dashboard will display each team member’s salary slip, provident fund and professional tax break up, and attendance records.
  11. If your company is based in multiple locations, we can help you with AI and ML to give you real-time downloadable data.

Whatever vertical of aviation you’re in, our company has the expertise to help you glide through whatever problem you’re facing. We’ve got years of experience to guide you in the right direction, and trusted partners to back what we’re saying.

Key Takeaway

Aviation Indeed is India’s first dedicated Aviation and Aerospace recruitment agency. Our goal is to empower you and Aviation by building a customer-centric sustainable ecosystem, thereby providing a platform for people to become extraordinary and organizations to become world-class. To know more, send us an email on or visit

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