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A glimpse of what Aviation’s future might have in store.

Archer Aviation revealed its autonomous electric aircraft called “Maker”. It’s a two-seater, and will be used for testing purposes. They plan on launching a larger 5 seater after this pilot is successful.

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  1. This is a knowledge booster in terms of the kind of flight control systems that can work best and if electric aircraft could, in fact, become a reality.
  2. It will also give the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confidence in such design and technology.
  3. Maker and the larger 5 seater aircraft have quite a couple of similarities – namely a “tilt-rotor” design and six independent battery packs (for safety),

This test is being done with the long-term goal of pilot-less air taxis for the future; not to mention, permanently reducing environmental pollution caused due to aviation. With commercial operations set to launch in 2024, we should see the first aircraft from Archer Aviation before 2030.

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