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Latest Changes to Domestic Air Travel

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has changed the domestic flight policy with effect from 1st June. The new one looks at increasing the base limit of domestic airfares by 13-16% from the 1st of June.

a.   For flights shorter than 40 minutes, the base airfare will rise by about Rs.2,600.
b.   In addition, flights with a time range of 40-60 minutes will see an increase in base fare by roughly Rs.300. This is a major relief to airlines, who’ve             been hit due to the pandemic.
c.   However, passenger capacity has been reduced to 50% per flight to combat the spread.

With rising fuel costs, there aren’t too many other ways that airlines can cope up; passing this cost to the customer seems to be the only way. Do you think the common public wouldn’t mind paying extra at a time when jobs are scarce?

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Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/3cax6t2 Credit: Times Now

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