The Rise of Loud Quitting and How to Address It?

The Rise of Loud Quitting and How to Address It?

What is Loud Quitting?

Loud quitting is a new trend where employees don’t just resign quietly. Instead, they make a big dramatic scene and quit the job. Upon leaving a company, some individuals loudly complain about their issues with the company, their boss, or coworkers, rather than giving notice professionally.

These “loud quitters” often vent their frustrations publicly, drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

It involves employees making a scene as they resign – posting about their departure defiantly on social media, spreading the news internally with fanfare, or marching into the boss’s office to quit loudly and emotionally.

Is it a Trend?

According to a Gallup poll, around 1 in 5 people across various industries are embracing a more dramatic way of leaving.

The “Quit-Tok” phenomenon on TikTok is a trend where people film themselves quitting live, which has millions of viewers.  (more to it in our next blog).

Causes of Loud Quitting

Several potential causes can lead employees to opt for a loud quitting approach when resigning.

  1. Management & Policies – When employees deal with things like bad management, heavy workloads, unfair policies, and no work-life balance for a long time, it can all build up until they reach a breaking point. This is when they experience burnout and decide that quietly leaving their job isn’t enough—they want to express all their frustrations loudly as a way to release all the pent-up emotions.
  2. Fun Content For Audience – Some employees see quitting in a dramatic way as a fun or empowering way to leave their jobs. They want the attention and thrill of making a big scene out of their departure. By posting bold messages on social media or creating a dramatic scene in person, they seek an audience and want their actions to go.
  3. Fight Against Professionalism – Younger generations are more willing to rebel against professional norms: Millennials & Gen Z employers tend to have different attitudes towards work and professional norms compared to previous generations. They may be more inclined to rebel against antiquated standards of discretion and quietly resign. Their comfort with sharing on social media and pushing back on toxic cultures could fuel more loud quitting situations.

Impact on Companies & Employee

When employees leave a job loudly by criticizing the company online or to coworkers, it can hurt the company’s image. Their complaints spreading widely online can lower morale and make other employees want to leave too. Also, leaving noisily can ruin the chances of getting good references in the future to the employee.

Addressing It Pro-actively

Here are some ways companies can get ahead of it: (keep checking if you do it presently)

  1. Know the magnets – Create a “stay” environment for the employees with better engagement, feedback loops, and empowerment of career. (Do we have policies that ensure this?)
  2. Know the motives & appreciate them – Be professional in how the departure of the employee can be handled. The motive and reason have to be clear to both parties. There should be a proper and approved communication channel for resignations. (Is it well-defined?)
  3. Know what you stand by – Employers can minimize dissatisfaction by strengthening their employer branding. (Do it or outsource it?)

By working out on underlying issues and creating a supportive and engaging work environment, any industry can encourage employees to be more engaged, motivated, and committed to their roles, ultimately benefiting both the company and the workforce.

Why is Aviation Indeed™️Talking About It?

At Aviation Indeed, we connect candidates with their dream jobs in aviation. We understand the importance of a positive work environment for both employers and employees.

By working together to create a culture of professionalism and respect, we can build a more engaged and motivated workforce, benefiting everyone in the aviation industry.

Let’s move beyond the drama and create a future where professional goodbyes are the norm, not the exception. Happy Work | Stay tuned for more

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