Curious listeners, quick learners, and fast movers!

A slight delay in hiring means your ideal candidate could be your competitor. Get the best candidates with our diverse blend of expertise and experience coupled with proficiency in the best technology.

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Get high returns on a low investment

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Assorted expertise, 10 years' experience

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HR Matchmakers

Understand problem & give solution

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Market Knowledge

Deep and wide database

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WFO, WFH, Hybrid

Get the right candidates for any work culture

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Deep and dynamic customer knowledge

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From interviewing to selection & deciding

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We save your time with fast placements

AI Verified

Getting candidates with background checks and after due diligence is a dream. Well, that’s what you get with AI Verified – talent with the best skills, educational & employer checks, and no criminal record!

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The Aviation Indeed Process

We’ve helped 13,000+ candidates land jobs and built better teams for 200+ companies since 2013. See how we do it:

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With innovation at the helm of operations at Aviation Indeed, we’re able to filter and provide companies with the ideal candidates across categories:

“We are going to partner with businesses and individuals to create a community of ambitious people who are determined to discover the best version of themselves and help an organization grow”.

Neil Salaria Founder

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We have an ethos of ethics and integrity

Due diligence of each candidate is done beforehand. Our biggest reward is being recognized by clients for this.

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Our Partners In Growth

Aviation Indeed.

We are an effective, efficient, and empathetic Permenant Hiring agency who provide services to companies of all sizes, and across industries!

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