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How Aviation Indeed is helping Empower Businesses and People

Aviation Indeed is a full-fledged Aviation and Aerospace placement consultant – globally. We cater to small, medium, and multi-national firms, and help empower them across different categories in the industry. In addition, we also help place aspirational individuals in the industry. Technically, we’re HR matchmakers! Given below are details about the various services we provide to businesses and individuals.


Born over a decade ago, we’ve quickly grown to become a very well-known firm in the aviation sphere, all due to our impeccable service and reliability. Our founder – Mr. Neil Salaria – has made these the guidelines of operations and has set a gold standard for the company, and our industry. We pride ourselves in helping aviation businesses take off with our recruitment expertise, and deliver on time, every time. If you’re in the aviation business and want to kick-start work by hiring the best in the business, here’s how we can help:

  1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    If you’re looking for the best recruitment agency in India, you’ve hit the nail on the head! We’re a forerunner in this field, and our team puts in all efforts to make this process as smooth as silk. We filter applicants and call only those who will fit seamlessly into your company; all of this is done bang on time. We synergize our recruitment analysis with industry best practices to get you the best in the business. We have a deep and wide database of high-quality candidates – this coupled with market knowledge is what makes our process so effective. Aviation Indeed is a bridge between aviation institutions, colleges, airlines, MRO’s and your company, and is a go-to for flight attendant jobs among other departments.

  2. HR Outsourcing
    As a top job consultancy in India, it is our goal to help startups focus on their core business while we handle talent acquisition, performance, and payroll management services for them. Our team of experts ensures that they get a higher ROI with a lower investment, increase efficiency with due diligence, and provide an assortment of talent with our deep and wide database. Components of HR outsourcing that we handle include HR technology, workplace safety, risk management, HR support, HR management, and payroll management services.

  3. Payroll Management
    Employees of a company are happy when they enjoy the work culture and get paid on time – and payroll management services are important for both. We ensure timely disbursal of salaries while adhering to statutory compliance so employees remain motivated and your company runs smoothly. Tools and technology are used to enhance speed, each employee’s data is stored in secure servers, taxation, TDS, and EPF are accounted for during processing, and every member of the organization has access to a cutting-edge online dashboard. Components of payroll management are salary disbursal, provident fund, professional tax, recording time and overtime, attendance recording, and pay periods – we handle this all seamlessly.

  4. Job Placing
    It is our endeavor to build the aviation and aerospace industries by placing qualified talent with the right companies. We pride ourselves in having a thorough understanding of job seekers, and we have a ton of data at our disposal to help enhance the efficiency of your job search. Whether you’re looking at airport ground staff jobs, air hostess jobs for fresher, jobs in aerospace, or a paid internship in India, we will help you as we aim for perfection and partner with the best in the business. An added bonus – we train you for the job if you need to develop the skill set! After all, we aim to empower you and aviation.

Now that you know of a one-stop shop for everything recruiting, you’re probably wondering how to contact us so we can help empower you. So, here goes!

Contact us for an empowering future!

Aviation Indeed is India’s first dedicated Aviation and Aerospace recruitment agency. We bridge the gap between avenues and opportunities by providing companies with the right talent and vice versa. Our vision is to build a trusted and sustainable customer-centric ecosystem to make organizations world-class and individuals extraordinary. We will do this by eradicating corruption and providing equal opportunities to all in a way that they save time and money while reducing stress. To know more, send us an email on or visit

The Modi Government wants more Pilots to graduate from India rather than receive training abroad.

The Modi Government wants more Pilots to graduate from India rather than receive training abroad.

The Modi Government wants more Pilots to graduate from India rather than receive training abroad. For this, Flying Training Organizations are being set up in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh so aspiring Pilots can reach the skies from India!

A glimpse of what Aviation’s future might have in store.

A glimpse of what Aviation’s future might have in store.

Archer Aviation revealed its autonomous electric aircraft called “Maker”. It’s a two-seater, and will be used for testing purposes. They plan on launching a larger 5 seater after this pilot is successful.

Latest Changes to Domestic Air Travel

Latest Changes to Domestic Air Travel

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has changed the domestic flight policy with effect from 1st June. The new one looks at increasing the base limit of domestic airfares by 13-16% from the 1st of June.


No More Work From Home For Air India Employees

NEW DELHI: Air India’s work from home (WFH) program for its employees finally ends on July 20th. Post this, “offices will function in full strength” and employees will have to attend offices, otherwise, they will be marked absent.


Chinese Aviation Industry in Loss Due to Covid-19

China’s aviation industry drops further into the red, losing 34.25 billion yuan ($4.89 billion) in the second quarter, only slightly narrower than in the first quarter, underlining the massive financial impact from the coronavirus pandemic. The first-quarter data released by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) which includes airlines, airports, and other aviation companies, lost 38.1 billion yuan on Friday.


Tough Time For Pakistan Aviation System!

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) now can’t conduct its charter flights to the United States as The US Department of Transportation said it has revoked all of their permission, as there is a lot of concern over Pakistani pilot certifications by federal


India’s First Private Jet Terminal at IGI Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport is expected to open India’s first terminal for private jets and charter flights by the end of July. According to the officials, the new terminal will provide faster turn arounds to charter flights and private jets and protect them from the mess of general passenger terminals. 

The new terminal has facilities that include world-class passenger lounges, retail, food, and beverage equipped with state-of-the-art features. The terminal has a parking space for more than 65 jets of all sizes. The terminal can handle a maximum of 150 business jet movements a day. The average movement capacity of the terminal is 75 jets per day. It makes the terminal the highest capacity in entire South Asia. 

A joint venture between Bird Group and ExecuJet Aviation Group, an international business aviation company based at Zurich Airport in Switzerland has built this terminal with over 150 crores. 

This terminal will also be able to handle Boeing 767 business jets and any Boeing 777 with VIP configurations. JetSetGo Aviation is one of the firms that offer private jet services at Delhi IGI Airport. Their price for private and charter jets starts at Rs 80,000 per hour for an eight-seater turbo-prop and goes all the way to Rs 5-6 lakh per hour for a 16-seater jet. 

During the lockdown, the number of daily non-scheduled flights remained between 8-10 flights a day which were mostly medical emergencies; at present, it is around 20-30 movements a day, and of these, at least 40% are for medical emergencies. 


Beginning Of A New Era: Usage Of Drones For Surveillance And Deliveries!

For the first time in India, an oil making company has got permission to use drones for aerial surveillance of its pipeline. The request by Indian oils to use drones to keep an eye from the sky on their  Delhi-Panipat pipeline project has been approved by the aviation minister. ‘This move will help in probating oil thefts worth hundreds of crores’, a senior official minister said. 

The aviation minister issued the order for the use of drones in India on Monday 6 June. IOC last month got permission to use RPAS or drones for aerial surveillance for their pipeline. After examining the ministry has given permission to IOC to operate RPAS for aerial surveillance for 4 months from 6 July.   

The DGCA has also attached some conditions to IOC for the use of drones for their Delhi-Panipat section of its Mathura-Jalandhar pipeline. The condition is that the drone can only be used in the day time from sunrise to sunset. The regulator of aviation has asked IOC to take clearance from all local administrations, defense, aiforce of India, and Airport Authority of India.  

In the past few months, the ministry of aviation has been allowing the use of drones for new projects like fighting the drone menace by aerial spraying of pesticides. Drones were also given permission to be operated at night for this project. The agriculture ministry has got permission for the night operation of these drones. Night operation is more effective for this purpose as locusts are caught napping, a senior official said.  

  India is currently finalizing the process of unmanned aircraft system rules 2020, which covers the entire usage of drones from manufacture to usage. Public comments are invited for the rules of drones within 30 days and after that final rules will be made and given, the aviation minister said. Safety and security are the main concerns and once rules are finalized, it will progressively pave the way for using drones.  


Increase In Cases Has Led to Decrease In International Travel

Due to the exponential increase in COVID – 19 cases, India is the 3rd worst-hit country in the world with 7 lakh cases after Brazil (17 lakh cases) and the US (30 lakh cases). This had led to the resumption of international flights seems very doubtful. 

The DGCA has banned international travel further till 31st July. But later it was decided that case-specific and country-specific corridors can remain open. The latest reports on the number of cases in India might act as a dampener as well.  

India may resume international flights with an agreement with few countries like France, Germany, and UAE. Unlike the USA, the number of cases in these countries is very less with 1.68 lakh cases in France, 1.98 lakh cases in Germany, and 52,600 cases in the UAE. 

Some countries have also banned flights coming from India due to an increase in cases in the country. This was even before when India overtook Russia and had the 4th highest coronavirus patients in the world. 

India has been banned from the list of the United Kingdom, which the country released for the safety of its citizens.  

Although the US has now resumed its flight for India, the country still possesses severe threat for India! 


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