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Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH)

The Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) is a membership body for the tourism and hospitality industry with organizations and individuals interested in these sectors. Aviation Indeed, with its mission to enhance the tourism and hospitality industry has come up with certification and diploma courses for industry professionals.  

In this course, we provide 2 types of different courses as part of the APS training which are;

  • Certificate in Fares & Ticketing (Virgin Atlantic VA1 – Basic)
  • Certificate in Fares & Ticketing (Virgin Atlantic VA2 – Advanced).

The curriculum of these courses varies based on the level of these courses.  


Achieve success in the aviation industry with an IATA certification 

What is the duration of the Courses? 

These are short term courses. Their duration varies generally from 40-45 hours. Based on the number of classes that you attend on a weekly basis, the duration can be between 4-5 weeks. 

Who should do this course? 

If you want to build a successful career in the tourism and hospitality sector while earning great money, then this course is definitely for you! Students who opt for this course get in-depth knowledge of fares and ticketing management. They also learn about various operations in the hospitality sector. 

What is the minimum qualification required for this course? 

There is no required minimum qualification for this course. Anyone with any level of basic schooling is eligible for this course. So, if you have an undergraduate or graduate degree then you can apply for this course. This course is also open to metric students. 

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