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HR Consulting

Why Avail this Service 

Companies today have diverse needs. The right employees must be hired and maintained. In addition, they must be nurtured for maximum growth. This requires an expert Human Resources Department so that the company can focus on its core competencies while employee welfare can be taken care of by this vertical. However, many companies prefer to avail services of HR consultancies due to their expertise and cost-effectiveness.

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About the Service 

Aviation Indeed is an end-to-end HR Consulting service provider. We ensure candidates that fit perfectly with your brand are hired within time and in a cost-effective manner. In addition, employee engagement and management are taken care of by the team for maximum team and organizational growth. State-of-the-art technology is used to fulfil this process, and we’ll ensure that your brand is a cut above the rest in terms of talent.

benefits to the employer 

End-to-End Process
Integrated Digital Platform
Reduce Costs by 35%
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Human Resource Consulting is essential to company success. Given below are services offered in this vertical:

  1. Assistance to General Management and HR Team
    We create a fine balance between employer and employee by ensuring perfect work harmony. Our customized services improve overall HR performance and provide change assistance to guarantee concrete efficacy.
  2. Strategy
    We understand customers’ needs and formulate a strategy based on short and long-term goals.
    We then define the role of HR services and plan on how to execute the same to transform the way organizations work.
  3. Talent Management and Development
    We nurture talent for maximum growth and conduct regular engagement activities for employees. Assistance with Internal Mobility and Team Development is provided along withimplementation of Reward and Recognition Framework for the team.
  4. Personal and Team Development
    A team that bonds is the only one that excels, and we ensure just that with Team Development Meetings. Manager Coaching and Development Programs are undertaken for those in leadership positions while regular feedback is taken for overall improvement.
  5. Positioning and Image Research
    We understand the way businesses work and set salary benchmarks department wise. Our team analyses the market and understands what they say about the employer so they can better themselves.


Amazed with our turnkey HR Consultancy solutions? Well, there’s lots more we have to offer! These blogs will educate you about how versatile a company we really are and how you can benefit from our bevvy of services. 


The best in the business have partnered with us for HR Consultancy, and they’ve been delighted repeatedly! We’re happy that they’re happy, and are sure you will be too. Here’s what they said.


We knew our business well but didn’t understand what kind of talent we might need in the future. We got Aviation Indeed on board and they formulated a hiring strategy based on our short and long-term goals. Very impressed!


Our team was great but they didn’t gel too well until Aviation Indeed took over. For this, the focus shifted to coaching, career development, internal training, and organizational culture. Highly recommended!


Companies like Aviation Indeed are professionals in HR. We’ve placed more than 13,000 candidates and catered to 200+ companies. We can help you get the right talent within budget due to our experience, expertise, and technology.

We provide the below two services:

  • Full service: We can be your end-to-end HR partner for talent hiring, engagement, and management.
  • Outsource: We can partner with your organization for a particular HR function or project.

HR consultancies, because they ensure your company finds the perfect fit by posting jobs on portals, reviewing applications, prescreening candidates, conducting the initial interviews, and creating offer letters.