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Internships and On-Job Trainings (OJT)

Avail real-world experience in the aviation industry

Internships and on-job training are vital for candidates who are willing to build a career in the aviation industry. Aviation Indeed provides you with exciting internship opportunities not only in aviation-related industries but also in airports. We extend our full support to candidates by providing them with the right exposure they require to succeed in their careers.

On-Job Training (OJI) is an important part of the ladder to a successful career in the aviation industry. An OJI is imperative for candidates looking for technical jobs within the industry. We provide six months of training to students looking to work in the technical domain of the aviation industry.

Avail the best internships 

Getting an internship within an aviation company is probably the best way to become familiar with the aviation and hospitality industry. Aviation Indeed helps students find such opportunities not only in aviation companies but also in airports. We are the only place where you will get exciting opportunities like interning in airports. We find the best internship opportunities for our students to help them build a successful career. 

Get full assistance 

Aviation Indeed offers full assistance to candidates willing to either do a job training or an internship in the aviation industry. We help candidates with the paper-work, interviews, screening rounds are always available to solve their problems. We have tie-ups with multiple aviation institutes and colleges to best cater to the demands of our clients and the needs of students. Hence, with us, you are sure to get wonderful job opportunities.

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