The Ministry of Civil Aviation has changed the domestic flight policy with effect from 1st June. The new one looks at increasing the base limit of domestic airfares by 13-16% from the 1st of June.

a.   For flights shorter than 40 minutes, the base airfare will rise by about Rs.2,600.
b.   In addition, flights with a time range of 40-60 minutes will see an increase in base fare by roughly Rs.300. This is a major relief to airlines, who’ve             been hit due to the pandemic.
c.   However, passenger capacity has been reduced to 50% per flight to combat the spread.

With rising fuel costs, there aren’t too many other ways that airlines can cope up; passing this cost to the customer seems to be the only way. Do you think the common public wouldn’t mind paying extra at a time when jobs are scarce?

Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/3cax6t2 Credit: Times Now

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