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Lounge and Facility Management

Get a Professional Diploma in Lounge and Facility Management 

Why Do This Course?

In this course, you will not only gain a professional diploma but also relevant skills that will make you a good fit for any job in the aviation and hospitality sector. We follow a common approach of providing practical knowledge to our students. Hence, with this course, you will get an insight as well as experience in the aviation industry. Our experts put in great effort to make the students well versed with all the important aspects of lounge and facility management. To make this possible, we provide intensive training to our students for a period of one year. We bring quality results to our students and to the company where they get placed.

What is the career potential after doing this course?

A course in Lounge and Facility Management will open a plethora of career paths for you. After this course, you will easily be able to get jobs in airport lounges. Apart from that, this course will also open paths to the hospitality sector for you. The management and other skills that you will learn in this course will take you a long way in not only aviation but also in the hospitality industry.

Why Choose Us?

Aviation Indeed is one of a kind training institute. It is undoubtedly the only place that will provide you with immense knowledge and give you full assistance with employment as well. Our course structure is one of the best in the market. Our students are currently working with top airports and airlines all over the world. If you want to make a career in the aviation industry, then we are a suitable choice for you.

Duration: 1 Year 

Fee: 01,50,000/-  

Additional Services: In this course, we put great efforts to impart practical training to you. Hence, not only will you get exclusive training from industry experts but you’ll also be exposed to the real world of aviation industry.

Become a Professional and Achieve Success In The Aviation Industry

What is a Diploma in Lounge and Facility Management? 

A Diploma in Lounge and Facilities Management helps students become familiar with the intricacies of the airport lounge facilities and customer service. After completing this course, candidates can work in airport lounges.

What does this course offer? 

Developed by industry experts, this course gives you the opportunity to gain practical expertise and formal recognition in this diverse and fast-moving industry. Learn on the job, so you can immediately apply your new skills. There are no academic prerequisites and you can enroll at any time.

Who should do this course? 

The course is divided into two major areas: 1)’Space and Infrastructure’ (such as planning, design, workplace, construction, lease, occupancy, maintenance, and furniture) and 2) ‘People and Organization‘ (such as catering, cleaning, ICT, HR, accounting, marketing, hospitality). Hence, this course is for candidates who want to build a career as an airport ground-staff.

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