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Payroll Management

Why Avail this Service 

Employees are the backbone of every organization and they must be paid on time for services rendered. There needs to be a fixed system in place for this to happen seamlessly along with a dashboard for employees to be able to check their pay slips and other data. Proper Payroll Management will enhance this experience by making it quick and hassle-free.

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About the Service 

Aviation Indeed strives to elevate your organizations performance by providing tailored Payroll Management Services. We ensure timely disbursement of payments, flawless execution, and use cutting-edge technology to cover each aspect that this service encompasses. Our expertise lies in understanding the intricacies of the process while taking care of all compliance-related issues as well.

benefits to the employer 

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Latest Technology
Reduce Costs by 30%
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Aviation Indeed provides turnkey Payroll Management Services that include:

  1. Online Payroll Processing
    We define the company’s payroll policy, collect inputs from every department in the organization, and verify them before commencing with payroll processing. Data must be formatted and policies must be adhered to.
  2. Software
    We use path-breaking software for accurate and swift payroll management. Attendance and time management, pay slips on demand, and other employee details can be acquired from our intuitive software.
  3. Payroll Calculations
    This is a tedious task that requires entering data into the payroll software. Calculations are affected by local laws which must be taken into consideration during this process. Basic salary, EPF, TDS, ESI, and other amounts form these components.
  4. Salary Disbursal
    Salary is transferred to employees on time, every time. This ensures that they are completelysatisfied with the employer and results in higher productivity. A pay slip is provided to each employee so that they’re aware of the salary break up.
  5. Account Opening
    We assist every team member with the opening of a salary account. Many employees, especially freshers, don’t have one. No minimum balance, free chequebook, debit card, and e-statements are some benefits of this account.


Payroll Management Services is vast and extremely beneficial to employers. It makes their life easy while making employees’ lives better! Check out what apart from this service we offer to our esteemed clients; we’re sure you’ll find these blogs super interesting.

Customer testimonials 

Many brands have benefitted from our bespoke Payroll Management Services. This is just a glimpse of how happy they really are:


Pay slip generation and timely disbursement of salary was an issue we were facing due to an outdated software. Aviation Indeed transformed this with their intuitive software. All employees are now happy.


Processing payroll was a time-consuming process for our company before Aviation Indeed took over. All functions from left to payroll management are now easy to operate. We can’t thank them enough!


Payroll Management Companies such as Aviation Indeed have experience, experts, and the latest technology to make your payroll process seamless. This will be online, and everything from salary account opening to payroll calculations and salary disbursement will be handled.

We have a cutting-edge system that tracks these days along with time-in and time-out, among other things. With this, you get an overview of each employee in the organization.

Yes, you can export your data from your POS system directly onto the payroll. This is applicable with multiple POS systems.