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Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

A company’s success is directly proportional to who they hire. In order to recruit quality talent, a company must be proficient in the best technology, know the labor market, and learn the art of managing candidates. However, there’s lots more than what meets the eye. An RPO professionals’ expertise lies in talent acquisition – necessary technology, market knowledge, and the correct process are used to get your company the perfect team member!

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About the Service

When a brand wants to hire the right talent but doesn’t have the resources in-house, they outsource this work to a specialist agency. An RPO company takes over the entire hiring process by deploying their experts and process, unless the employer wants to stick to their methodologies. We take full ownership of the entire process and guarantee you superb results, while reducing recruiting costs and increasing efficiency.

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benefits to the employer 

Aligned Candidates
No Advertising Required
Reduce Costs by 35%
Relevant Candidates


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a win-win situation that brings each brand value and lots of benefits. It encompasses the below services:

  1. Analysis
    RPO experts study each aspect of a clients’ business and understand their goals, post which they gauge the staffing needs and plan how to execute the successful hiring of required candidates.
  2. Job Marketing
    Getting the right candidate requires the client job profile to be marketed the right way. This is done via referrals, on social media, job boards, and other networking to make candidates aware of the job profile and brand.
  3. Talent Sourcing
    Finding the right talent within budget is the goal of an RPO expert. In addition, prospective candidates are made aware of the client brand by engaging with them through talentcommunities.
  4. Assessment
    A candidate needs to be assessed before being brought on board. They need to be vetted for the right skills and competencies to do the job, post which they’re hired.
  5. Candidate Care
    A company is what its employees portray it to be, which is why RPO experts ensure complete care of the candidate before onboarding them.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is essential to companies that need expertise in talent acquisition.
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There are many brands that have benefitted from our custom RPO service. We’ve helped slash their recruitment costs and boost efficiency. Here’s what some brands have to say:


Our company spent huge amounts of money on hiring the right talent, but we still couldn’t ace this process. With Aviation Indeed, not only did we get the best people but also managed to reduce costs by 22%!


We didn’t have the right staff to execute many tasks and didn’t know what to do. We contacted Aviation Indeed and they hired employees who were the best fit for our organization and took care of employee engagement. Well done!


Our experts use cutting-edge technology with industry best practices to forecast future demand and optimize sourcing. Although outsourced, we will be as good as your in-house recruitment team.

Aviation Indeed provides RPO services with a plethora of benefits such as flexibility, scalability, slashed costs, quality talent, and optimized processes to ace your recruiting.

We provide 3 types of RPO solutions: On-demand, Function-based, and Full RPO. Please speak to our expert, who will understand your needs and goals post which you will be told what solution fits best.

There is no fixed cost for RPO. It will be determined basis the scale and size of your programalong with the organizational goals. It could be a fixed fee, transactional payment, or performance based cost.

RPO is the perfect solution for such assistance. Its flexibility allows you to get access to professionals for all short-term requirements.