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Skill Development Program

Enhance your skills and get your dream job NOW! 

Why do this course?  

​Our Skill Development Program is a flagship train-and-hire program. In this short-term course, our experts at Aviation Indeed train candidates for a specific job or kind of company in the aviation industry. The best part of this course is that it is a hundred percent job placement program. Yes, isn’t that amazing?! With just two weeks of aggressive training, you can get your dream job! So, if you are looking for a job immediately, then this is the perfect course for you. 

Why Choose Us? 

The course commences with the screening of candidates for their current standing, capabilities, and areas of interest. After the screening, candidates are placed in relevant batches for the purpose of industrial training and personality development. Candidates are also prepared for one-on-one interview preparation which makes them a perfect fit for their desired job. This program comes with a minimum of four interviews matching the candidate’s caliber and interest. The program comes back with a money-back guarantee, if not placed.

Avail the best deal and reach new heights in your career! 

If you think that your communication and personality skills are already on top and you don’t need any further training then you are right. However, if you are getting a chance to polish your skills, make yourself even better at such a low price rate and in such short-time, then letting go of this opportunity could be a huge mistake. Communication and personality skills need to change with the changing world dynamic. Our experts here at aviation Indeed teach students the correct way to enhance their skills and become a right fit for the aviation industry.

If we tell you that we will train you for 2 weeks and at the end of the course we will give you full job assistance, then what would you say? We know that you would say that it’s impossible. But trust us, it’s not. We are associated partners of multiple airlines, aviation companies, and MROs. We help our students get the best job in the aviation industry by making them a worthy candidate. No other aviation company can promise you that. 

Do you still not believe us? Are you still cynical about the possibility of your getting a job with just 2 weeks’ training? Well then, we have something to offer you. Aviation Indeed provides a full money-back guarantee to its students if after the course they are not placed. So, what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and reserve your spot!

Duration: 2 Weeks or 20 Hours


Medium: Online/Offline 

Additional Services: With this course, not only will you get exclusive training from industry experts but we will also arrange a minimum of four job interviews for you. Hence, you’ll also get full job assistance apart from the certifications.

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