The Modi Government wants more Pilots to graduate from India rather than receive training abroad. For this, Flying Training Organizations are being set up in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh so aspiring Pilots can reach the skies from India!

  1. The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) hopes to make India a global flying training hub by setting up new academies across airports.
  2. Bids were awarded to Asia-Pacific, Jetserve, Redbird, Samvardhane, and Skynex in May to start work o the same.
  3. The Fleet, Infrastructure, and Instructors at these academies will be at par with foreign Flight Training Organizations (FTOs).

Indian FTOs will look at streamlining regulatory processes. This will help them inch closer to the standards of foreign academies. Other issues such as lack of manpower and training costs will also be controlled.

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Credit: The Print

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