BBA in Aviation is a program that mainly concentrates on the essentials of business communication, its operations, economics, and security in the aviation industry. The course analyses the study of airports, businesses, airlines, and all other features of the aviation sector. 

BBA in Aviation is a three-year undergraduate-level course that provides extensive knowledge about various subjects viz. air transport, financial accounting, airport operations, passenger forecasting, airport planning, marketing, and many more. The course also trains its students to handle teams professionally and different other managerial skills. 

The best thing about this course is any student from any stream can opt for BBA. Also, this course has a huge demand in the market.

What to do after BBA? 

There are diverse options to take up after BBA in aviation management including aviation manager, resource manager, etc. The jobs in the industry are dynamic and more opportunities come with experience and skills. 

Here’s a list of various posts to hold:- 

  • Airport Manager

    Airport Managers are the most responsible people who have to take total control of the management of each airport department. They create jobs and assign tasks to other staff. This is the most vital job and large airports that serve commercial airlines need managers to oversee several departments through the smaller airports that may need airport managers to be more interactive with areas such as finance, security, maintenance, and more. In addition to listening and giving instructions to department heads and other workers, airport managers need to communicate aptly with representatives from outside agencies, such as the FAA, and leaders in surrounding communities. These are the prime responsibilities that an Airport Manager must take: 

  1. Act in accordance with FAA regulations and other guidelines. 
  1. Supervise managers and staff. 
  1. Plan budgets. 
  1. Adapt to outside factors, such as weather. 
  1. Work with community leaders. 
  1. Maintain accurate records. 
  1. Oversee the maintenance and repair of airport equipment. 
Eligibility criteria:-

One must have a bachelor degree with CPL License & Post-graduate degree in ManagementThey also get quite good salaries. Approximately, 

  1.     Mean Annual Salary: $100,052 ($48.10/hour) 
  1. Highest Annual Salary: $109,778 ($52.78/hour) 
  1. Lowest Annual Salary: $90,327 ($43.43/hour) 

So if you are a BBA graduate, Airport Manager is a good option to go for. 

  • Aerodrome Officer

    Their foremost mission relates to safety and includes inspecting Aerodromes, reporting hazardous situations, and facilitating repairs. These duties include the inspection of an airport’s lighting systems or ensuring the safety of runways.  

Eligibility criteria:-

One must have a Bachelor/Master’s degree in       Electrical/Civil/Mechanical/Physics/Electronics/Maths/Telecommunication. 


Their average base pay is around Rs 50,329 per month. 

  • Cargo Manager

    They are the ones who take the duty to supervise and coordinate the activities of the ground crew during the loading, unloading, securing, and staging of aircraft cargo or baggage. 

  1. They must have critical thinking ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions 
  1. One must be an active listener 
  1. Must have a good communication skill 
  1. Shall be efficient at decision making 
Eligibility criteria: 

One must be Graduates/MBA with experience in Cargo agency. 

Salary information: 
  1. Median Annual Wage 


  1. Median Hourly Wage 


  1.  Total Employed Nationally 
  • Cabin Crew(Air Hostess and flight stewards):

    1 year of Diploma in cabin crew services customers is a priority. Hence, airlines tend to hire people who have experience in customer contact positions.  

     Eligibility criteria:  
  1.  HS certificate 
  1. Height requirement for boys: 5ft 7 inches  

Height requirement for girls: 5ft 2 inches 

  1. Weight in proportion to height.
  2. Clear complexion  
  3. Fluency in English  
  • Commercial Pilot:

    They are the people who ensure passengers’ safety. They communicate with t
    he ground crew. 

Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 with science graduate with PCM. 

These are 5 different jobs one can choose after completing BBA. Pursuing any of these will be accurate. These jobs have much demand in today’s market. 

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