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Top 3 Grooming Tips for Cabin Crew Aspirants

Did you know that it takes a meager 30 seconds for an ordinary human being to form an opinion about a person? And this first impression seldom changes later. This is why, it is crucial to give a flawless first impression to recruiters, particularly if you are looking for cabin crew jobs. 

The job of a cabin crew is not like regular airport jobs. They represent the reputation of an airline company. It is very important that they act, look, speak, and behave in a way that portrays a positive image to the airline’s customer. Hence, it is very important to be well-groomed for aviation aspirants.   

Here are the top 3 grooming tips each for men and women that can drastically improve your appearance and make you look more confident and successful in this industry: 


Grooming Tips For Men 
1. Take good care of your hair 

Always maintain a short, sharp, and neat look. Unnecessary styling of hair should be discouraged. A classic trimmed look must be donned. 

2. Keep your face clean 

Clear skin with a clean-shaven look gives more aura to the overall personality of boys. A proper sleep routine and healthy eating habits along with exercise as well as moisturizing the skin is the best way to maintain an evergreen energetic and fresh look. 

3. Take care of your body 

Make sure that your nails are well-trimmed and clean all the time. Moreover, ensure that there are not any tattoos or piercing in your body.  


Grooming Tips For Women 
1. Put on makeup

Proper use of foundation and powder is very important which matches the skin tone and makes it look even and smooth. Along with it, proper use of various other makeup tools like mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, can add up to your beauty. After all, looking good is the most important thing in this job. 

2. Maintain your hair 

If you’re having short hair, keep it such that it doesn’t touch the collar bone (you don’t need to waste time on styling it). But if you prefer long hair then you should tie it back to give a more professional look. A French Twist or a classic cabin crew bun would do the job. 

3. Keep good care of your skin 

Again, good skin and body care routine which includes proper sleep, exercise, and diet is the most important thing which makes you look energetic and fresh all the time. 


Last but not the least, the biggest grooming tips is to always put up a bright smile. Your smile automatically increases the chances of your getting a job. So, don’t forget to don that amazing smile, confident face, and VOILA! you have your job already. 

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