Aviation Indeed DOES NOT take any fees for setting up interviews or placing candidates. Communication regarding the same will be sent ONLY from

We’ve been notified that some fraudsters have been using our name to lure people looking for jobs, by representing themselves as members of Aviation Indeed. These miscreants demand sums of money with the guarantee of placing job seekers – something that we DO NOT do. Such individuals use fake email ids and similar website URLs so that it looks authentic to prospective candidates. Please DO NOT fall into this trap.

This public notice is to make everyone aware that candidates shortlisted by Aviation Indeed will need to go through a formal interview process with us and the prospective employer before receiving any sort of offer letter. Our standard recruiting process begins with a formal email from, post which an interview is set up with our recruiter to understand your needs, goals, and prepare you for your upcoming interviews.

Aviation Indeed will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by any individual as a result of communicating with unauthorized personnel. If any candidates choose to use their services, they will be doing so at their own risk.

Learn the difference between a Fake Job Offer and a Real Job Offer

Given below are pointers which will help you identify job offers made by unauthorized personnel:

  • Request for payment prior to any interview or medical check-up
  • Sending you a company offer letter before an interview
  • Grammatically incorrect sentences
  • Unclear job descriptions
  • Email id with a domain other than
  • Communication only via social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, SMS, etc.

Check out some do's and don't


  • Due diligence while searching for or applying to companies
  • Ensure you consider ONLY communication that comes from
  • Ask for a confirmation email pertaining to your interview from your Aviation Indeed POC
  • Clarify the job role and responsibilities


  • Contact any person claiming to be a part of Aviation Indeed until authenticated
  • Accept any job with just a telephonic interview and without a face-to-face one
  • Pay any fee by cash, cheque, card, wallet, or other modes for registration or interviews
  • Visit any company or address without verifying that it is our registered address

Illegal activities such as impersonation of an Aviation Indeed employee are taken very seriously by our organization. We will take legal action against any such impersonation or unauthorized promotion on behalf of our brand. If you have been contacted by any such person or company, please email us on to verify whether this is authentic. You can also call us on 9999999999 to report such issues.


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