Redbird Flight Training Academy Cleared for Takeoff: DGCA Gives Green Light After Temporary Suspension

Redbird Flight Training Academy Cleared for Takeoff: DGCA Gives Green Light After Temporary Suspension

Redbird Flight Training Academy Cleared for Takeoff DGCA Gives Green Light After Temporary Suspension

In a significant development for the aviation community in India, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has granted a clean chit to Redbird Flight Training Academy, signaling its return to operation almost four months after a temporary shutdown due to maintenance concerns. This announcement comes after the DGCA suspended operations at all of Redbird’s bases across the country in October last year, following two crash-landings within four days.

Resuming Soar: Redbird Flight Training Academy’s Comeback

Redbird Flight Training Academy, one of the largest flight training organizations (FTO) in India, has received approval from the DGCA to resume operations at its Baramati base. Shelka Gupta, Head of Drone Training and VP of New Business at Redbird, expressed the academy’s pride in completing the recertification process for maintenance approval, allowing them to resume flying training operations. The academy is now in the process of seeking approvals for its other bases.

Revisiting the Turbulence: DGCA’s Temporary Suspension

The DGCA’s decision to temporarily suspend Redbird’s operations stemmed from safety concerns following two crash-landings. Investigations revealed deficiencies in the FTO’s maintenance schedules and personnel training, prompting the DGCA to order recertification. The incidents raised questions about maintenance and operational elements, leading to the temporary shutdown of all five Redbird bases in India – Baramati, Seoni, Lilabari, Gulbarga, and Belagavi.

Fleet Ready for Flight: Redbird’s Recertification Success

Redbird’s fleet, including Tecnam P-mentor, Cessna 172, Technam p2006t, and Technam p2008JC, is set to return to the skies after the successful completion of the recertification process. The academy, equipped with 35 aircraft, commenced operations with two aircraft, marking a crucial milestone in its journey back to full-fledged training activities.

Regulatory Changes: Ban on Mogas Usage and Call for Further Inquiry

Simultaneously, the DGCA has implemented changes by prohibiting the use of motor gasoline/petrol (Mogas) in training aircraft, impacting around 20 of Redbird’s aircraft. This decision aims to enhance engine maintenance and address concerns related to engine failures. While the DGCA is proficient in assessing airworthiness matters, calls for a detailed inquiry into allegations of bribery and corruption suggest that further investigation by an authority with policing and financial powers may be necessary.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Indian Aviation Training

As Redbird Flight Training Academy takes to the skies once again, the aviation community in India witnesses a pivotal moment in the journey towards safer and more robust training practices. The DGCA’s decision reflects a commitment to ensuring the highest standards in aviation safety and training. Stay tuned for updates as Redbird resumes its role in shaping the future of aviators in India.

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