Due to the exponential increase in COVID – 19 cases, India is the 3rd worst-hit country in the world with 7 lakh cases after Brazil (17 lakh cases) and the US (30 lakh cases). This had led to the resumption of international flights seems very doubtful. 

The DGCA has banned international travel further till 31st July. But later it was decided that case-specific and country-specific corridors can remain open. The latest reports on the number of cases in India might act as a dampener as well.  

India may resume international flights with an agreement with few countries like France, Germany, and UAE. Unlike the USA, the number of cases in these countries is very less with 1.68 lakh cases in France, 1.98 lakh cases in Germany, and 52,600 cases in the UAE. 

Some countries have also banned flights coming from India due to an increase in cases in the country. This was even before when India overtook Russia and had the 4th highest coronavirus patients in the world. 

India has been banned from the list of the United Kingdom, which the country released for the safety of its citizens.  

Although the US has now resumed its flight for India, the country still possesses severe threat for India! 

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