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Airports are one of the most active workplaces in the world. They have global passengers traveling round the clock and are running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. People need to book tickets, ensure safe boarding, get food and beverages served, and receive their baggage at the destination. For this, people with a variety of skill sets are employed at different types of airports – commercial service, relievers, cargo service, and general aviation airports. Given below are the different types of airport jobs:

  1. Flight Attendant Jobs
    The primary responsibility of a flight attendant is to ensure passenger comfort and safety from the moment they enter the aerobridge to the time they disembark at the destination. They do this by keeping the aircraft clean, serving passengers, and assisting them in difficult situations. You can get this job after doing an Air Hostess Course in Delhi.

  2. Air Traffic Controller (ATC)
    One of the most crucial airport ground staff jobs is that of an Air Traffic Controller. Their primary responsibility is to keep an aircraft at a safe distance from others while in the sky. They do this by using highly sophisticated equipment and coordinating with multiple pilots; keeping calm and having strong communication skills is of the essence. Rigorous aptitude and screenings are required to be eligible for an ATC.

  3. Airport Engineer
    Airport engineers comprise another key section of airport ground crew jobs. They need to ensure that the airport is functioning optimally at all times. For this, they keep a regular check on equipment, carry out repair work, and perform tests to double check that everything is built to last. They are primarily from civil or structural engineering backgrounds.

  4. Ramp Staff
    Another essential airport job is that of a ramp staff member. They are responsible for marshalling the aircraft, assisting with pushing or towing, servicing the airplane, loading and unloading luggage, and sorting it, among other things. Physical strength and stamina are key aspects.

  5. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)
    An aircraft carries hundreds of people from one city or country to another. With so many people’s lives at stake, it must be in top condition throughout its lifespan, and an aircraft maintenance engineer helps ensure this. Regular maintenance and repair work is conducted by them, and there is an extensive training program followed by written and practical exams to become an AME.

  6. Baggage Handlers
    Baggage handling is a manpower intensive task that requires heavy lifting of suitcases and cargo. Not only do baggage handlers help weigh bags at the check-in counter but also transfer them from conveyor belt to the aircraft. They also ensure that luggage with the “fragile” sticker is taken extra care of. It is a job that requires the employee to work in different weather conditions – from heat to rain and snow.

  7. Airport Security or Police
    An airport is constantly inundated with thousands of people at each minute, and they must be kept safe from any unforeseen threat. Airport security helps in this by thoroughly checking each person – by hand and with a metal detector – to minimize the risk of any passenger harm within the airport and aircraft. This is specially done to prevent any act of terrorism.

  8. Pilots
    There are different types of pilots – those who fly passengers and cargo. Key responsibilities include checking the aircraft before take-off, performing pre-flight checks, communicating with the ATC, and transporting passengers safely to their destination.

  9. Store Salesperson
    Airport retail stores tend to price goods much higher than outside the premises due to high rent. These stores, too, are running round the clock and salespeople are usually paid by the hour. Since they have a variety of products on sale, they can recommend the best items based on your requirements.

  10. Hospitality Staff
    Restaurants, bars, and eateries in the airport have a constant inflow of customers that want to be spoilt for choice and with service. They include chefs, bartenders, and servers, among others; different roles require different skill sets. First Class Lounges that belong to Airlines have to offer superlative service as compared to the regular airport restaurants.

You are now aware of the different airport jobs, and we are sure you’re keen on grabbing the next opportunity. But how can you get your dream job in aviation and aerospace?

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