Ambala’s New Domestic Airport Takes Flight for Connectivity and Growth

Ambala’s New Domestic Airport Takes Flight for Connectivity and Growth

Ambala's New Domestic Airport Takes Flight for Connectivity and Growth

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A momentous occasion unfolded in Ambala Cantonment as Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar laid the foundation stone for a new domestic airport, marking a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and stimulating economic activity in the region. This ambitious project, sanctioned under the UDAN scheme, promises to reshape the landscape of air travel in Haryana.

Connecting Dreams: Ambala’s Civil Enclave Takes Shape

Spanning 20 acres adjacent to the Air Force Station, this civil enclave project is poised to become a vital hub for connectivity, thanks to the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Khattar. The ceremony, graced by dignitaries including Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij, Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, and Rajya Sabha MP Kartikeye Sharma, highlighted the immense potential of the airport to fortify ties with other states and fuel economic growth.

Complementing Chandigarh: Ambala’s Role in Regional Connectivity

Ambala’s new airport is not just an independent venture; it’s set to complement the Chandigarh airport, further enhancing the region’s accessibility. Leveraging the existing runway of the Ambala Cantonment Airport Station for commercial aircraft landings, the project seamlessly integrates into the broader vision of regional connectivity.

Defence’s Green Signal: Transforming Air Force Infrastructure

With the Ministry of Defence granting approval for the civil aviation use of the Air Force airstrip, nearly 20 acres have been allocated for the civil enclave. The Haryana government’s commitment is evident through an investment of Rs 133 crore, underscoring the importance of this project in the state’s development agenda.

Building Blocks of Progress: Investment in Infrastructure

The Public Works department of Haryana has taken significant steps to materialize this vision, issuing a tender worth Rs 16 crore for the construction of the terminal building. An additional Rs 25 crore has been approved for other crucial airport infrastructure. Deputy Chief Minister Chautala unveiled plans for a modern passenger terminal capable of accommodating at least 200 people simultaneously, with an ambitious completion target set within six months.

UDAN Scheme’s Wingspan: Ambala’s Aspiration to Soar

The Haryana government, buoyed by the potential of the UDAN scheme, envisions Ambala’s airport as a gateway to multiple destinations. Plans are afoot to seek permission for flights from Ambala to key destinations, including Srinagar, Varanasi, Jaipur, Amritsar, and Delhi. This strategic move aligns with the UDAN scheme’s mission of ensuring affordable and widespread air connectivity.

Conclusion: Ambala’s Soar to Progress

As the foundation stone is laid and plans take flight, Ambala’s new domestic airport emerges as a symbol of progress, connectivity, and economic vitality. The collective vision of the government and the support of the community herald a new era for air travel in Haryana.

Stay tuned for more updates as Ambala’s wings unfold, carrying the aspirations of a region poised for remarkable growth.

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